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Floating library visiting Kochi Posted on: 2011-05-17
Floating library visiting Kochi
The worlds Largest Floating Library is coming to Kochi port to give the people of Kochi a unique and enthralling “Book experience”. The literary active and Book Reading people of Kochi can have a unique and may be, once a life time opportunity of visiting the Floating Library. The ship is having a selection of about 7,000 titles over a wide range of genre’s, including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, economics,history,engineering, medicine, dictionaries, languages and philosophy and many others.

History of Logos Hope

Logos Hope was constructed in 1973 and first named Gustav Vasa. Originally built as a passenger ferry, the vessel sailed through North Atlantic routes. By 2004 GBA Ships e.V. (previously Good Books for All) acquired the vessel and she underwent extensive renovations for her new role. The ships name is derived from word Logos which in Greek means 'word, thought, principle or speech'.

Since 1970 those ships, known for their floating book fairs, have made over 1,400 port visits in 162 countries and territories and welcomed over 40 million visitors on board. The Logos Hope crew and staff consist of up to 400 volunteers from around 50 different nations

Publishers often donate books that have been removed from circulation in first-world countries after new editions have been released. This allows Logos Hope to offer books at a fraction of their original cost to people in developing countries. For each port visit, every effort is made to ensure that local language materials are available. These supplement the large selection of English books offered to visitors in every destination Logos Hope visits. Apart from book sales, Logos Hope also extends literary aid to people in developing countries. Textbooks and reference volumes have been donated to individuals, schools, libraries, community groups, colleges and universities.

Operated by the German charitable organisation GBA, the ship is twice as big as any previous ship operated by the organization and can hold up to 800 visitors at anytime with capacity to host an additional 700 in the Hope Theater and Logos Lounge. This publicly accessible deck offers visitors an introduction to the vessel and the organisation, the book fair, a visual presentation called the “Journey of Life” and the International Cafe.

To visit Ship:

The ship is expected to call upon kochi port on May 25th 2011 and will be docked here till June 21st 2011.The ship will be opened to public from May 26th 2011.Entry fees is Rs 50 per head.The ship will be berthed at the north coal berth at wellingdon Island,Kochi.

People can visit vessel from Tuesday to Saturday between 10am and 8pm till june 13th.On Mondays and Sundays visitors are allowed between 2pm to 8pm .