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RailRadar: Track Geographic Location of Trains in Real-time Posted on: 2012-10-15
RailRadar: Track Geographic Location of Trains in Real-time
The Centre for Railway Information Service (CRIS) has announced RailRadar, a new web application which allows users to access location of a train on Map and track movements of trains on a real-time basis. The new 'RailRadar' service is considered to be an improved version of the earlier tracking system 'Spot Your Train'.

The application is the result of combined efforts by CRIS and RailYatri team (Stelling Technologies). The location of trains can be accessed by users on Google Maps on a Real-time basis. The users can also access the same from mobile phones using the mobile phone's web browser.

The application can be accessed at "Please be aware that the, location, and status of trains shown on the map are typically 5 and more mins delayed from the real time. Please refer to main portal page for the latest train running status. Please note that RailRadar, using all different types of tracking mechanisms and the software that supports it, while highly reliable, is also complex," explains the website.