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Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia Food Court, Kakkanad, Near Bharath Matha College, Cochin-21
Mamma Mia food court is located at the heart location of IT hub Kakkanad. The food court is a venture of film actor Sidhique. The spacious grand food court serving a wide variety of cuisines at very affordable price tags has the right flavour to satisfy the appetite of all generations. The seasonal biriyani fest serves range of classic biryanis kabsa mutton biriyani, karachi chicken biriyani, our local biriyani versions thalassery and travancore chicken biriyani, malabari chameen biriyani and Erachi choru. The menu card accommodates us with range of cuisines from our local flavours to chinese. The icing on the cake definitely is the list of 101 varieties of juices and shakes offered by the food court. The food court located in the airport seaport road is a blessing for the IT and college crowd and a must opt for the travelling crowd.

Special Features :
The list of Biriyanis and wide range of juices and shakes being offered is a must have.

How to reach Mamma Mia
By Road
Located on seaport airport road near Bharat Matha College.