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Grand Kerala Shopping Festival ( GKSF )

Posted By Admin on 2014-12-03 17:14:21
Event Date:
2014-12-01 to 2015-01-15
Event Venue:

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival ( GKSF ) is the biggest shopping carnival in Kerala. GKSF 2014-2015 is the 8th edition of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival ( GKSF season 8 ) is organised by Government of Kerala, Department of Tourism. GKSF is the 45 days of shopping season for the great offers and exciting prizes to the shops and shoppers in kerala starts from December 1st and ends on January 2015. The GKSF 2014-2015 offers a 100% VAT refund to tourists from outside the state who visit and shop in Kerala.

GKSF Seaon 8 Shops/merchant establishments registration

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF ) registration for the merchant establishments begins from 26-09-2014 for the all districts in Kerala. The registration for the merchants/shops are categorized as premium and general and the registration formalities will be carried out by trained Kumbasree skuads in all the districts.

GKSF 2014-15 Coupons, Tickets, Lucky Draws

The merchants can enrolled in the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival 2014-2015 premium category by paying Rs 20,000. They will get 300 coupons of each worth Rs 15 and free leaflets and arch. Those who purchased 100 coupons worth of Rs 15 each will be eligible to enrolled in General category. The enrolled merchants will be notified by SMS automatically.

Government of Kerala giving all the support to make season 8 of Grand Kerala Shopping Festival to be a grand success. visit for more details.

GKSF Call Centre and Coupon Request Number:

Dial 7034377000 to reach GKSF Call center for all your queries and coupon request. Call center is available from 9 am to 9pm including Sundays and Holidays.

Grand Kerala Shopping Festival 2014-15 (GKSF) Season 8 – Winners, Prize Details / Results

Mega prize (1) : Rs. 1 crore
First prize((1) : Rs. 20 lakhs
Second Prize(3) : Rs. 10 lakhs
Sratch& win prizes: 6 Cash vouhers in every 100 coupons and Gold coins will be randomly placed.

GKSF 2014-15 (Season 8) Winners list will be available on