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About Us is an initiative of Technovia Info solutions Pvt. Ltd, an IT company based in Kochi. 'Kochiservnet' stands for Kochi Services Network. had a modest beginning as a web portal providing a searchable database of services available in the city of Kochi. It has undergone multiple evolutions before attaining its current appearance. From just being a service listing provider, has transformed into an all in all web portal for 'The queen of Arabian Sea'. Featuring multiple services like News, Hangouts, Hot offers, Educational courses, Events, Movies, has changed into a Uni source for information and entertainment portal for the Kochiiites. You can get all the latest updates and happenings from in and around one of the 'most happening city in India' at a single point. Effort of many people has gone into this developing this site, both technically and content wise. We are listing the name of people who has made contribution this website.

  • Nishanth P.R
  • Sachu Kurian
  • Manuraj M.R
  • Rohit S
  • Joby John
  • Krishna Das
  • Nithin Bose
  • Sen Abraham
  • Renju P. George
  • Mahesh Mohan
  • Jaijith Ramananda Prabhu
  • Aby Alex
  • Akhil S Menon
  • Joseph
  • Shruti Vasudevan
  • Neethu Anna Baji
  • Bibin Jacob
  • Deepa Mariam Thomas
  • Bobby Sebastian
  • Kitty Jose
  • Johnson Joseph
  • Jinsu Varghese
  • Edwin Joy
  • Bimal Raj
  • Felix Xavier
  • Anjana Unnikrishnan
  • Rahul Joseph
  • Tracy Joseph
  • Sebin John
  • Amith Sunil
  • Nirmal Johnson
  • Jerry Jose
  • Jinsu V
  • Chinnu Ann
  • Prajul P.T
  • Serene T
  • Ronnie R
  • Vipin Joseph
  • Mathew George
  • Bijosh Issac
  • George T. Valooran
  • Tripthi C.
  • Biju Paul
  • Veena.K.R.
We would also like to thank all those people who made contributions, both big and small, in the form of suggestions and Criticisms. If we have missed out the name of anyone, Sorry, it's not intentional and we would be more than happy to add your name into kochiservnets credits list. We also welcome suggestions for further improvement of You can also make contributions to Please contact us at